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About The Metro Gazette

The Metro Gazette Publishing Co., Inc. is a full-service news publication, which offers the community a refreshing source of good news to the community and surrounding counties we serve. The Gazette focuses on news events and features local people who are doing positive things to promote the pursuit of happiness and well-being in Albany, Leesburg, Sylvester, Dawson and surrounding communities. It will provide uplifting and constructive stories that inspire, motivate and compel its audience to make the community a better place to live.

All too often, the media focuses on stories which leave their audience feeling hopeless and depressed. This community-oriented publication will not use its platform to expose people’s shortcomings or mistakes. Currently, murder, rape, gangs and destruction appear to lead typical media outlets with big headlines and blasting newscasts. The Gazette offers a brighter side of life – one where people taking the time to offer help to someone they don’t know is a huge story; where a good time is an event where families and friends gather; where the color of one’s skin doesn’t matter; where how deep someone’s pocket is irrelevant.

In other words, this publication will be one like Albany and the surrounding communities have never seen! It’s all about the people, events and desires, which make life worth living.

Deadline for submitting news/articles/letters to the editor, pets, wedding announcements, engagement announcements, classifieds, obits, etc. is Tuesdays at 5 p.m.  Email to  Photos must be in .jpg format 

For after hour contact, please call (229) 881-7279 to be transferred to the after-hour phone line.