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Former State Representative Making Plans To Say Farewell To Albany

Original Publish Date: 
December 27, 2014
Special to The Metro 
ALBANY, GA - Former educator and state representative John White will say farewell to Albany in January to become a resident of Montgomery, Ala., Alabama’s Capital City.  
“My family needs me, so I’m moving,” White said. “I have a lot of people to thank for whatever successes I’ve had, as I went about serving the people of Albany and Georgia.
“I am grateful to have had the opportunity to serve and thankful for the many people who were willing to stand with me through many challenging and difficult times, as we worked to make life better for our citizens. I especially want to thank the many ministers of the community and their congregations for their support as we worked to improve both, personal lives and the social and economic health of the Albany community.”  White said he had mixed emotions about leaving Albany and surrounding areas where he built some great friendships and relationships and of course upsetting a few people along the way, in the name of progress or fairness.  "I have made some lifelong friends here as well as across the state; surely I will maintain contact with my friends and some associates."  
White came to Albany in 1967 at age 26 armed with a Masters Degree from Florida A & M University. He accepted employment as the Student Services coordinator at Monroe Vo-Tech School; where he intended to stay for just 2 years. However, that challenge plus various community challenges turned into 47 years; spending 22 years in active work of education.  My sons were born here and I proudly say that they are now successful adults.
White spent most of his adult and professional life in Albany and Georgia and worked in education, in communications as a news reporter, as news anchor at TV 10 in Albany and the political arena, working to make a difference in the lives of people, especially, “the least of these”.  White Served in the Georgia House of Representatives for 22 years; He was appointed by President Carter to a three year term (1978-1980) as commissioner of (UNESCO) The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, an arm of the United Nations; He served as President of the Albany SCLC and served on many Boards and Commissions of charitable and public service organizations. He Co-Sponsored the Legislation to make Georgia on My Mind, the official State song and brought Ray Charles to Albany in 1979; He authored the Georgia Lottery Bill and introduced it in the House of Representatives in 1977; against many odds this effort took 14 years- it is now one of the most successful Lotteries for Education in America. White was a Charter Member of Albany Tomorrow, whose design was to improve life in Albany, in downtown, the river front and other areas. He created legislation to bring about Elected Boards of Education in Dougherty County as well as across the state. He wrote the “Non-Public Post Secondary Act of 1990” a Law that was designed to regulate For Profit Schools in Georgia. As Chairman of the Interstate Cooperation Committee of the Legislature, he requested the Highway Department & Board of Regents build a Pedestrian Mall under the Highway on the campus of Albany State University.  These are but a few Public Service activities that White was involved with.  He said “You are invited to read about other activities in my upcoming Book.”  White’s final statement was “I wish Albany and her citizens well as they move by the vision they posses, and they should always remember; if something is morally wrong, it can never be politically right.  
White said he plans to register to vote in Montgomery and become an official citizen of the state of Alabama January 2, 2015.   He may be reached at 229-347-5085.