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ASU Unveils OrgSync Software

Original Publish Date: 
November 1, 2014

Special to the Metro


The Albany State University Center of Excellence for Community Engagement implemented a centralized campus engagement network utilizing OrgSync Software at a workshop Monday and Tuesday in the Student Center Ballroom.

Lindsey Moye, campus consultant, conducted the workshop.

OrgSync connects students to organizations, programs, and departments. The software provides an online community management system that enables colleges and universities to communicate with students and staff, track student involvement, and manage campus organizations and programs. ASU students, faculty and staff will utilize OrgSync to manage community and campus engagement initiatives.

“OrgSync enables our students to track their volunteer hours.  This software has a built in e-portfolio that will help students, faculty and staff build their resume and keep track of their engagement hours,” said ASU Center of Excellence for Community Engagement Director and Assistant Professor Dr. Timothy Sweet-Holp.

The software is data driven. It can differentiate into graphs and chart the time spent on each event.  It also contains a master calendar of ASU events that can be viewed by the entire campus; there’s a place for ASU community partners to list and post volunteer opportunities and the software allows the Center of Excellence to create an online directory and maintain a searchable database for students to find volunteer opportunities.

OrgSync supports sustainability initiatives by giving campus administrators the ability to post online forms, conduct assessments and manage organization rosters without using paper.