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ASU Students Published in GCA Proceedings Journal

Original Publish Date: 
September 5, 2014

Special to the Metro


The research of four Albany State University students is now published in the Georgia Communication Association Proceedings Journal

The students submitted their compositions for publication in February 2014 after taking part in a panel presentation entitled, “Music Used as Torture” and “The Implementation of Music Therapy,” at the Georgia Communication Association (GCA) Conference held at Georgia State University.

Jayla Leggett, freshman mass communication major; AlanĂ© Kendrick,  freshman psychology major; Kimberly Smith, freshman health, physical education and recreation major; and Khadiji Graham, sophomore art major are now published authors.  

ASU learning community professors, Dr. Florence Lyons, interim chair of the ASU Department of Fine Arts and Michael Decuir, assistant professor of music and director of the ASU marching and jazz bands are also published in the journal.

“I am so proud that our students’ research is now published in such a well-respected journal,” said Lyons.  “Graduate programs that the students apply to and their future employers will certainly be impressed that our students’ research is published in the same journal that primarily publishes articles by university professors.”

The students began the project while enrolled in ASU’s RAM (Research and Music) Learning Community.  The learning community pairs a Music Appreciation class with a Fundamentals of Public Speaking course. 

Photo Caption: From left back row, Michael Decuir, Dr. Florence Lyons, Khadijah Graham, Jayla Leggett, Kimberly Smith, and Alane’ Kendrick