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ASU Student Production Brings Zora Neale Hurston Stories To Life

Original Publish Date: 
April 7, 2015

Special to the Metro

 ALBANY, GA. -- The Albany State University Division of Speech and Theatre presents “Spunk,” a production of the acclaimed musical drama developed by playwright George C. Wolfe. “Spunk” is an adaptation of three short stories, “Sweat,” “A Story in Harlem Slang” and “The Gilded Six-Bits,” all by renowned writer Zora Neale Hurston.

The production will run April 9 through April 12 in the Billy C. Black Auditorium, with 7:30 p.m. performances on Thursday, Friday and Saturdayand a 2 p.m. production on Sunday.  

“This is a continuation of last year’s Big Read initiative, where we honored Zora Neale Hurston,” said Eve Lambert, Ph.D., ASU assistant professor for the department of fine arts. Also, George C. Wolfe is directing a Broadway production. We’re really honoring two black theater artists.”

Although all three of the original stories were written during the Harlem Renaissance era, Hurston’s writing focused largely on the lives of black Americans living in the rural South.

 “Zora Neale Hurston is a great story storyteller,” said Ray Proctor, Ph.D., director of the production and ASU assistant professor of speech and theatre. “Storytelling is how African-Americans have held on to our identity, our history and our humanity. Hurston’s stories are our stories because they are stories about our cousins, and aunts and ancestors. We know the people in these stories, not as ghosts or fictions, but as real people who continue to populate the fabric of our lives.”

General admission to the production is $5. Tickets are available at the door. Admission is free for ASU students, faculty and staff with proper ASU ID.