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ASU Honors Breast Cancer Survivors

Original Publish Date: 
October 27, 2014

Special to the Metro


Albany State University students, faculty, staff, and community members donned all shades of the color pink to promote Breast Cancer Awareness at a special “Paint ASU Pink” ceremony on the front lawn of the Academic Building.

Over 100 people attended the ceremony and formed a human breast cancer ribbon to honor survivors and to promote the significance of finding a cure for the disease.

 “It was an honor to see our coworkers and friends come out to support us in this effort, and we salute and appreciate them,” said Leslie Charles, director of the ASU Office of Admissions. Charles recently completed her last treatment session.

Many breast cancer survivors were recognized and shared details about their journey of battling the illness.

“I’ve learned much through this experience and through my storm,” said Katherine Laster, breast cancer survivor anddirector of the ASU Office of Internal Audits. Laster was diagnosed in July 2009. “I’ve learned about true friendship, family, faith and fortitude. It is nothing but God’s grace and mercy that I am standing before you this morning.”    

A moment of silence and a balloon release were observed to commemorate those who succumbed to the disease.

Organizers plan to make the ceremony an annual event.

Photo Caption:  Students, faculty, staff and community supporters form traditional pink ribbon at Paint ASU Pink ceremony. Photo BY: